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Infrared Sauna Therapy is unlike any other Sauna you have visited. The infrared rays penetrate your skin and heat up muscles deeper than any other sauna can. It also has a researched benefits for several conditions and is completely safe. I use it regularly and benefit greatly and I want you to use it also. Read more about the benefits

Aches Awayyy Toronto has teamed up with Rhythm Spa to provide all Aches Away Toronto website visitors a great deal on Infrared Sauna and T-Zone vibration plate use at Rhythm Spa located at Dundas and Church.


The First Date

$14 for:
1 Thirty minute Infrared sauna session
1 Ten minute T-Zone workout

(Actual Value: $30)

The ‘I kinda like you!’ 

$39 for:
4 Thirty minute Infrared Sauna sessions
4 Ten minute T-Zone workouts

(Actual Value: $120)

The Committment

$49 for:

Unlimited Thirty minute Infrared Sauna sessions and Ten minute T-Zone workouts for 1 Week.

(Actual Value:  $210 – based on 7 days use)




790 Bay St # 300


Walking distance from:
* College Subway
* Queen's Park Subway

Hours of Operation

Tuesday 4 - 10 pm

Thursday 6 - 10 pm

Friday 4 - 10 pm

Saturday 10 - 6 pm

Sunday 10 - 6 pm

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“Hands float across my back
I sink deep into the pool
At the bottom: peace.”

Aches Away 5 stars

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