2011 Winter Newsletter



1. Many Thanks (< click arrows/titles to read more)

My sincere thanks for making me a part of your healing journey in 2011. Thanks also for sharing your stories and trust. It has been a year of tremendous growth and insight, not only for me but for Massage and the Health Industry as well (see below)

First and foremost please let me know what has worked for you this year in your quest to achieve health – Is there any fitness regime or health practice that is rocking your world right now? If nothing, maybe I can suggest something useful. fazrmt@gmail.com

I wish you a happy end to the year and a health filled inspired New Year.

Best Regards,


2. The most AFFORDABLE Massage Treatment in Toronto is now available 5 DAYS A WEEK

You can now go to ‘No-Frills on Thursdays

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday 4-10pm
Thursday 4-10pm
Friday 4-10pm
Saturday 10-5pm
Sunday 10-5

PS. Aches Away will be open all through the holidays.
PPS. No-Frills is the name of a popular Massage Treatment at Aches Away


3. Name Change/Game Change

As you might have noticed, Faz Massage Therapy is now Aches Away Toronto. If you feel any nostalgia, the old website (fazmassage.ca) will remain in operation. More importantly, The skill and quality of our treatments have also escalated to match the name.

Nostalgia part 2: If you’ve ever enjoyed these audio/video installments during your Massage at Aches Away, you can now watch/listen to them anytime.

Ruthy Alon – Feldenkrais Movement

Tibetan Singing Bowls


4. Follow me on Twitter for weekly appointment updates

If you are the forgetful type, simply click on the link below (choose Follow) and receive appointment availability notifications right to your twitter-verse!

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1. Try Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is performed fully clothed on a mat. It involves sequences of assisted stretching and Massage.

A Thai Yoga Massage is highly recommended for all levels of fitness and you can have your first 1.5 hour Thai Massage at Aches Away Toronto for 1/2 price. (Fully claimable for Extended Health Benefits)

Book a Thai Yoga Massage


2. The Anti-Gift

If you have a Relative or Colleague you just don’t like that much but are forced to be nice to, here is your chance at payback – Book them in for a ‘Faz Massage’ and I will make sure I bring my sharpest elbows :) And to help you out, all Anti-Gift Certificates are 1/2 price – $40 for a 1 Hour Massage.

I will personally mail them out or you can pick it up from the clinic. I can send you an e-mail version instantly for you to print.

Email your requirements and I will have it sent out the same day. Billing will be done via online credit card invoice.

Email for Gift Card


3. Massage Membership at Aches Away Toronto

For those of you who value regular Massage as part of your Health Maintenance and for those who have a long standing Chronic issue, please take advantage of the “Aches Away 12″.

1 x 1 Hour Treatment per Month for 12 months.
$700 (tax included) = $58 per treatment

*Treatments may be rolled over from month to month but must be completed within the year.
*Must pay for First and Last Treatment at the start.
*Health Benefit Receipt will be issued only as the treatment is performed but will equal the full amount paid by end of year.




1. 2011's Top 5 Client Comments during a Massage at Aches Away Toronto

Honorable Mention: As I am performing an advanced Joint Mobilization on a client. Client “Is this Massage? I’ve never had anyone do this. Me: Massage is not just oil and elbows you know.

5. After working diligently for 50 minutes on a particular shoulder injury, client says: “It’s the other shoulder that’s hurt you know!”

4. Client: I work all day to make people feel better and I come here and you make me feel all this pain!

3. Client: This does not feel like the “OMG I’m in Heaven” Massage treatment I signed up for” Me: “You are right: Heaven is no longer an option at Aches Away!!” (Healing is though:)

2. Client: “How come your treatments are so cheap? You offer such a great service with all these extras – You could charge more you know.”
Me: Oh, If you want to pay more I could add a few dollars extra to your bill if you like. Everyone else is happy getting a good deal.

1. Client: “Faz, You need to get a little fatter” Me: “Huh?…. Oh! So I could add a little extra weight into my hands? Client: “No, But so you could round out some of your more pointy parts!”


2. Award Winning Fries

This year I ate at some delicious restaurants, watched some amazing movies- that were all Award Winning.
Most importantly I also guest Massaged at a few clinics around Toronto that have all achieved renown. Everything I learned at these clinics is now available at Aches Away.

Award Winning Clinics

Canadian Back Institute (CBI Physiotherapy – King and Yonge St)
Advanced Therapeutics (Queen and Greenwood)
King West Chiropractic (King and York)

Thank you to all my mentors and inspirations.

Congratulations to Dr Pariser and Dr Chernin (whose clinic I work in) for being part of the team that won Best Family Practice in Ontario for 2011!


3. The World of Massage

1. The most apparent changes came in the form of a paradigm shift that is sweeping the fitness circles – Mobility/Stability is now the new Stretching/Strengthening. Functional Movement inspired Crossfit gyms are popping up everywhere and more and more the emphasis is on a joint by joint approach to building a healthy body.

2. From Personal Trainers to Yoga Teachers, from Massage Therapists to theirClients, everyone is using cutting edge (but simple) knowledge to take control of their own bodies like never before (Well at least since TVs and Computers and made couch potatoes and desk jockeys out of most of us)

3. On a more esoteric level, pain research has made major observations about chronic pain – here are some of the realizations…


4. Advice for Long Drives and Flights

As you set off to see your loved ones this holiday season keep in mind that the body does not like being still. Here are a couple of things to do.

1. The Calf Pump for blood circulation (every chance you get)
2. A few mini lunges to keep the muscles warmed up

3. 4-simple-exercises to do while driving
i – Out, Out, Damn Tension

As you’re sitting at a red light, grip the steering wheel tightly, hunch your shoulders up toward your ears, and scrunch up your face to exaggerate the feeling of tension in your body. Even curl your toes in and tighten your calves — squeeze everything you can possibly squeeze.

Then with a big exhale and/or sigh, let every ounce of that effort go, and feel the tension being whisked out of your body. Then, like the shampoo bottle says, repeat as necessary.

ii – Green Means Breathe

Use some mundane part of driving as a reminder to take a deep breath. It could be every time the light turns green, or you turn on your blinker, or you change lanes. (If you’re a city dweller and don’t drive much, you can do this on the bus or train and take a breath every time they announce the next stop.)

It’s kind of like the college drinking game where you watch a TV show and everyone takes a sip when the lead character says his trademark line — only better for you.

iii – Posture Practice

We’d all like to have better posture. Take your car time as an opportunity to hone your ability to sit up tall. As you’re driving, bring your awareness to lifting the back of your neck up. This basic adjustment ripples all the way down your spine and helps it unfurl to its maximum length.

Keep checking in on this spot as you drive — you’ll find again and again that you’ve sunk back down into your usual slouch. Just start again. It becomes an exercise for your mind as much as for your body.

iv – Blow Off Steam

You kinda need to be alone in the car for this one. (And you probably don’t want to be on public transportation.) If you’re frustrated or anxious or stressed about anything, let it out by making a noise. It could be a scream, a groan, a sigh, or a whinny. There’s no right way to do it. The only direction I have for you is to do it with the intention of releasing what-ever’s bothering you so you can move on.

When I did a house-sitting stint in LA, I started to relish my freeway time because I could make all these noises that I would never allow myself to make if I were within hearing distance of other people. Letting out a big ole roar is incredibly cathartic, if a little odd. If you’re scratching your head at this one, just try it.
(excerpts from Kate Hanley)



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